As our food is not the average that you'll find in L.A., the founders of this culinary experience aren't either.

My name is Brisa and I'm the proud co-owner and chef. My partner in crime and life is Francisco. We both were born in Mexico but we had to wait decades and travel thousands of miles to -after unbelievable separate adventures-, meet in the surroundings of Pasadena. We share artistic, creative marketing and publishing backgrounds (among other not so fun yet very practical ones).


Both come from humble homes and a not-so-easy upbringing. Each kept similar experiences while growing in different cities of Mexico (D.F. and Guadalajara). Personally, my childhood was surrounded by family reunions, cumbias, barrio, colorful experiences and amazing food. One that along with my almost 40 years of being in this world I have learned to love, cook and share with my beloved ones. One that among all the good and bad, made me happy and curious and proud of the culture and sub-culture I belong to,

One that has always been a key piece on all what we have witnessed: Weddings, wakings, newborns, farewells, marriages, divorces, fights, makeups, week days and the simply joy of being alive just another day. So it's our passion for food and respect that we have for it and what represents for our culture and personal episodes, that we decided to share this adventure with all of you. We work everyday in celebrate and preserve our Mexican roots so what we want to share is not just another food plate but a nostalgic yet fun and exciting culinary experience,


one that besides the flavors tells you a history,

one that if you want to, we cant tell you all about,

while you let your senses submerge on the amazing flavors of our country.

Bienvenidos a Casa