July 2015 became a remarkable month for latinos in California by becoming a majority among other ethnicities. Everyday we see their individual culture enriching the state with music, art, language, food and most important, people itself. 

And because  as mexicans we are part of the movement, we want to touch each angeleno's heart with our flavors and passion for food...One bite at a time.

We believe in family so let us be part of yours by joining your next fair, farmers market or special public event. Sample dishes and beverages are available upon request.

Make your own package!

Are you a food perfectionist or an avid learner? Are you curious about Mexican food and would like to make it yourself? Either your reason is, we have just the right opportunity not only to learn the basics of Mexican dishes but also how to take it to the next level by cooking historical plates.

Sessions can go from 2-4 hours depending on the dish's level of complexity and number of cooks. Will bring all the ingredients.

At the end of the session, will give you a package with the recipe, cooking tips, a list of the best places to find authentic ingredients and a cultural gift related with the dish.

Cuando es la fiesta?

Our goal at

is to take catering and food services to the next level by bringing not only the amazing flavors and essence of traditional Mexican dishes, but also bring all the culture and soul of Mexico to you. 

One place, too many choices

A fun, interactive and creative 1-2 hour party where you'll learn how to cook easy yet delicious recipes while you sip a mezcal, tequila or sotol cocktail. Perfect for showers, small gatherings, corporate events with colleagues or clients and more! 

In addition each person will receive:

* Appetizers

* 1-2 drinks

* Package with recipes of food and drinks and a mexican souvenir

​​As a kid, one of my favorite parts of parties was the kitchen where dozens of tias, primas and abuelitas cooked mouth watering food while exchanging gossips and drinking rum with coke and lime. In memory of that let us bring the spirit, endless flavors and even decorations and rhytm to your party. Will cook and you drink the rum!

This option can be as personalized as you needed. Just hit us with the size of your event, type of celebration, menu preferences and will come up with 2-3 options of packages to choose. 

You want to get creative and surprise your family and guests? Ask us about the crafts, games and mixology options. We guarantee you'll have tons of fun.